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hundred the afternoon when he doesn't want to begin i could be integrated into the convent of st paul who has a body president the splitting up by actress judy tv stand with the united states that could hit she is a force one nation in the country but also fought handle on signs the fact the united states is tripping to put out on its hands on them for this contest by the end of year the election commission itc has released the final list of candidates running for the country's upcoming presidential race article the number of candidates has is and who live and up to the independent election complaints commission the unstated one disqualified from the home of gold sold on zoe. listening to the doctor the beloved without the aid of the main opposition national coalition of opponents. although the brussels the oft apology heart of ego and bottom and nimble photoshop or any of it sorry. we simply decided that shipman was pure consumption commission. and for you because i know that opens the this is the beginning of our struggle. i imagine stepping into this field to seek justice for the peopl
challenges it faces. the married is not optimistic. paul called in our seniors new bridge type to go there. i design and has raised enough money for privacy fence tuesday to pay more than two baby angel rope to the government next week the deal means i'm in is dense with peak sun knowing that the region in the expected his act as a saturday that are fake. so after years of live music by far than spikes. today there are positive developments which produces the national debt. the price for the banking crisis the taxpayer rescued by the bargains which four point eight in the innuendo which he used to the guarantee and repayments studies has now been fully reimbursed but it still has a fourteen cent stake worth one point two billion euro. so it's made a profit from buying apartments which is instead a crucial time according to the minister for finance it's a very big and second ep by european standards. and as we exit the bailout obvious to our international colleagues are watching us but more importantly the market is watching us and see us making this baby transaction proceed to private investo
wanted them to the price in nineteen ninety three. nope all. i didn't fight at all. when paul. it was. apartheid when he came to an end in nineteen ninety four when like some africans were down to play for the first time in the country's history the agency won the parliamentary elections and nelson mandela was elected president of south africa eyes before you. they would get involved. by the bottle all this time. you have shown such a crime patient to detonation. will be made this card. as a whole updated. from the rooftops free at last the june nineteen ninety nine off to just one presidential term councilman dan everett on from politics. he remained committed to promoting peace and justice. the counts against fifty thousand pre invasion of iraq. and what comes out of the team needs in two thousand and five he revealed to the that is eldest son had delayed if the disease. the last three years for mom when frequent hospitalizations as he struggled with for spare cheaper ones. his health deteriorated into the sea and received intense and paste medical care for a lung infection. after
. at this window with a built in one month stint in central utah. in general are a lot. paul and my mom. be patient. the chance to go snow should be me. that was legal. you can teach you get go. from there. dna. we really bonded go with jagr and the others. goa is. one of the whole weekend. it also didn't bother to mention that yet. a lot longer than it was wilma will more than the or trying to warn him up. he may be alive so what hotel to put a sock due to the foot when it came in togo interlock. today i needed to be a good shot which all keys and get a real goer the solution on its intelligent with obama you can maintain weekend. i do not always seemed to have been teaching him what to do that. how can we. joey and i know you. i do. i'm open to the job. slated for the record i'm typing away about. i told him the idea i knew that it will in utah. we teach. the challenge. i need to get to go. i took you to come home. geo. i'm. for one one. it says what if in the local juvenile. it didn't all go. so the knob. you will enjoy. waugh to survive. yes just in time though don't go about it. in total i hav
when the trouble with paul an attempt to insulate the pond is the top two and that gem and calm the twenty one year olds whose extended his contract until twenty eighteen is the fuss pope ordered to be given the award since nineteen ninety seven the painting painted trying to seek a way to mix up or equivalent. when the english premier league agreed to help not to fall holding china the wealthy sneak in the well will help boston beat you think it is the focal in the country. in exchange the chinese city will keep marketing and thoughts that ran in the end it's up. that deal was struck this pose to british prime minister david cameron's dedication to join them. when spain's mikayla ankles him and that he's hoping to take things from a new europe but sees a chip coast's ornaments by the cops don't you race contest and to help nick on a dump in march next jail. man that's going to the cup in hong kong said he hoped it would be kissed him up but the cop. the biennial contest between europe in the you know it it's states approval the truth of what it's going to be qualified by world
to be had on tuesday hosted the shipments of about a stop to focus on. this is all this and talking to paul for another seventy two are from the beginning sunday the baton strikes in the twenty five dollars the base concerns of the international community the one hundred and thirty one nine on touchdown called back to the many snacks to us by the bnp and its at times and then on thursday evening but then friday morning the opposition alliance with preparing for another seventy two hour long shutdown of the weekend to press for the installation of a non practicing caretaker government to oversee next month. the internet came down and is tasty cuisine and defeated office to join us but people attend the payment the opposition parties have said identity thieves to go toast and a bit just meant that the european continent attending an enclave in brussels on the political situation in mind that they've set up but the setback to speak in the upcoming vote. as a friend of anger that a friend of a country which has shown economic growth in the last five years. a country which is more than progressi
was at stake. there was no home after the storm. st paul but he was a city in shock people who just lost everything. turning to the building to survive. then came news that he meets a woman seeking to have escaped freezing here and driving thousands out of the city they're close to seven hundred inmates here in a moment to the gym gave the storm came about a hundred sixty of them escape more than three weeks after the killer typhoon forty eight are still missing authorities say they're working on finding the remaining fugitives even as security remains tight rope the city. didn't actually take much an effort to search for those who escape. many have returned on the role. you must. most of us when doctors to check our founders which didn't have the intention to skate. i just want to make sure my family was ok eric says he could see the water rising just begun the sparklers. his family lived just across the president. and they had all survived. in a matter of a few hours every prospective jail. so was edgar martinez has been in jail for ten years and drug charges. he too went home to point
in the final champions league berth. american actor paul walker star of the fast and furious movies has been killed in a high speed car crash. the forty year old was a passenger in a friend's for show when it crashed and burst into flames outside los angeles. both were pronounced dead at the scene. walker appeared in all but one of the sixth fast and furious action movies with them all around illegal street racing that's all from us here in berlin date and again at the top of the hour. do. do she couldn't reach. this can turn to grow into new communities school the fight for what is so potent it passes effortlessly another child from generation to generation. what thoughts really mind the chickens usually tune nixed that idea seem like that. hunger the day. this fight. and the for germany. this was the week of the lord known to between ten to one hundred american conservatives and social democrats. two months after elections negotiating teams in the final stretch to agree on terms for pollution no one talks began on monday ahead of a wednesday deadline it gets reasonable people are sitting t
tonight paul simon handy is that director resets at the institute for security studies good evening to you as well but it only gets to our panel. we've got an exclusive false report from the central african republic i can inspire a t agnew and pride of advent. nepal is voiced by mark thompson in the news. the sound of sporadic gunfire the above rates around on. central african republic capsule has been under siege since sunday morning. nearby the sound of heavy artillery. government officials say christian must resume oil to ousted former presidents will swell was easy. a behind the attack central african multinational forces patrol the streets alongside full masonic or rebels. otherwise the streets are empty the only double room asked the parties of dozens killed in the fighting. awaiting to be transported. residents here remain on edge. many carry machetes and guns the weekend and not greasy we a muslims. it's a question of religion the question of if the city or anything. these countries at where it belongs to all of us. if you don't understand this country be taken for foreigners. we
into the history ukraine was toppled. paul moss soviet union and the ticket and connie although ukraine was closely related to think on the all of the old soviet union. and the toe of the soviet union collapsed. economic ties still exist. and the ukraine he used to be and is not with a great article on call roster. on the other hand the new korean trades with your. and. the there is another dilemma. listen up of ukraine especially the us he's with me the two joined the european zone. and since we bought the old ukraine is more related to watch. and that there is a villain. whom to choose. russia all. your for the time being everything is dictated by the economy and economic situation is worsening. from that today. all the people we don't resemble the energy supply is you usually came from. usually came from russia. and the tasty bits and. this year. this is beyond the core me all you create. and for the time being the ukraine to compose of course it does there are internal affair. we should say. who's right who's wrong that and decide for themselves. a slate of all words and a drunk have reached an
stanton have a d chord cool in the night. and the msc is ready to pop them in a cubicle. paul took seventy two separate the total votes from that. see the importance of timeouts and who partake in terms of china's deep space exploration. my opinion cos it just has to be keyed off to teach the use of which i'm not. it's what he said it's as baby p the progress of what that keeps these parties. post dispatch lemon icing. it's out there that it's easy for them it's the one. he halted. trying not to. so you think this is an important step two was time to be between us going to increase its place in the future. cos into teaching we chatted for a trip tips his hand. we want to put on to the chinese people. thank you thank you so much for your time. that's saying a pink and the chief scientist impact on the street the teller fail in a press call to the second place and time as the moon exploration program includes the country's fast and the lunar rover. and it's also the fastest spacecraft into the seventy s to make a soft landing on the moon since the soviet union's and doing a twenty four missi
of the quality of life for paul's countries. so therefore it is really the intention from all sides to war hawk closest to them closer together and set aside other differences. the uk has also don't wanna be up high in the meantime i see that yes. i had to write sad that the uk seems to be china's one of china's four minus three takes on a few minor points that doesn't mean that said this this probably is of assuring that is all forgiven and forgotten i think nile yes the other call a toll on sunday lot to prove differences of their other can hardly belive now was a member of team conjures up all i've heard now i think the office told the timer on the is under greater pressure from but this is so cold that we cannot ignore all you fans the china market players. and because china is off still odd dominated by odd number of big businesses and to the government has gone on stronger influence over the business operation. so therefore we really have to come to terms who are always trying to be in terms of pr are the logical pursue and died in the meantim the time the site the wantirna is suffering f
about this and are you today i spoke to paul bennett said to who represents lower paid workers in the service and date are going to be pushing very hard for the critique because they say that what happens at the bottom of the huntington road would have to happen at the top as well. find the imam was enough to keep the news. i'm astonished by the revelations which have taken place over the last number of days. also the victims and a mythical man's reaction and to the dishonor reason to be announced. i'm looking for they are asking questions about the government intends to address the issues that had become knowledge especially liked the fact that their members the domino pay people what i bought into the cool part remains cummings wrote suffolk awesome zoe's in rome old salaries cannot maintain services. saying that the workers on asking questions that i had very important questions said to be answered. they're in this whole thing. they are the booklets be illegal to use them for the dissertation at the forthcoming pc hearing to put the defence committee we still don't know for
paul and could not afford the cute wedding expenses can do is make up but at sixty percent of the propagation in the muslim majority nation the community has been living out of chaos to see nice of targeted attacks abductions false confessions and i think it's the continuing persecution had faded. i notice up in the family stewing get enough yet. indian weddings are an extravagant affair and the ongoing in the bridal fashion week is already setting trends for the upcoming season. take a nap. as you seem to be at the event since announcing team meetings and on entertainment that i was trying to get them on sunday the second is an updated set of their guns into the sun yet so it is done and with much gusto. the fifth edition of the annual trek to fax me a stick stuck to my kids and adults not the body without them up and splashing and greg thinks. protected by the production was not the embroidery and sequins back. i transferred the wedding attire is also in the creepy crawler those beads and feed him. the debt to junk and can understand what i think the body in an anglo with
the scene of the class in the box trying to put the pieces back together again. paul wrote in a shell good in the bronx on something that can lead to train carrying one hundred and fifty passengers run off the tracks killing four and injuring dozens more aeronautics engineer ryan and i started singing stars in one of my eyes and i thought my goodness is it the word rebuilding economy annually. earlier this week from today. we really couldn't get out. the looks of this to seven coverage is still to the bus like soap cranes and counseling the vocal calls picking them up with a folder. a late lunch telling parents that stilts g schultz of the water was dry spot towards the trucks moving the train carriages is a slow and difficult process takes planning and coordination this has been going on now for more than seven dallas and is likely to last some sewing to come. the ball away from the trucks. well it has already started over for assessing the breakdown from the train's two black boxes transportation safety board to let leading the investigation but recovered to so called authentic record th
the cabins he's executive director of the role of paul ince achieve. daniel out. we know now that there was a place in parliament's a lap in the top that the government is that the state does not vote in favor of the current government. actually now on to mind the protest is to mom's. one thing in a way it does we know we have this whole idea of for the past ten years at least that of mom in this treatise and has democratic legitimacy. what on what basis the us for example senator john mccain issued a statement yesterday urging the government to listen to the people of the two are the people the people the ones you voted for the current parliament of the parliament was selected legitimately of parliament held a vote of confidence today and then they won the vote of confidence hustler looks to me as if the democratic principles and practices are working quite well in ukraine has undermined the protesters in a way it does but this is also falling to a degree the protests in the so called color revolutions that it started in serbia in two thousand and have continued in georgia
and superintendent paul buchanan were shot dead by the ira shot shortly after dundalk garda station. it is the pup report published in the last half of actors peter study found that there was collusion in the cavities but he is not pointed the finger of any individual garda officer or civilian but let's not talk to are the prime cause on the pole rose for more on this poll this report just out of them lasted twenty minutes or so so the law of necessity it's that we be at this stage of pretty pretty early assessment of what it says before the pull of the key conclusions here. what's on the image combines quite donning after the car the conduct of the headquarters this evening hasn't issued a statement yet at the selfish without even giving the report has been published so i add them to do going through them and expect to hear something like that but some of the findings are quite disturbing that there were three former guard the sergeants who i will go on to lead the reds and patient and gave evidence to try doing on the conclusions in relation to them are not very good if it is done often sergeant
four artist john paul who directed in and that became enormously popular quarantine its headquarters in march they hope to spread internationally. its statistics least we have to force lights to showcase of styles and products. sunday slept since developed globally. what the answer over the years quarantine and became known for its creative advertising. sneaky and on. the original orange in it still produce military as a local brand sixty thousandnine the international company has been owned by a japanese group. but even my motivation to hop on your bike instead of getting in your car this might inspire you. last year in year out more bicycles were sold and automobiles to twenty million two wheelers in europe in twenty twelve from rome to copenhagen at the site. tyler is on the rise. more bikes were sold in cars in twenty six and the eu is twenty eight member countries. the only exceptions belgium luxembourg she died in paris you're watching thousand cats eat it i will concede he's also the inkjet prints and today i am doing it by the un said six three generals for pc keeping mr tamb
was released. paul harris alleges that please use excessive force them apart stitches on its head. the pleats were once again not charged and kept their jobs unfortunately these examples can go on and on and on. but unlike any of those cases i just mention in this case that kelly thomas the officers are facing charges. please for kelvin is receiving one of those rare days in court. we should all pay close attention to this case. well staying on this issue of police officers are increasingly be outfitted with tiny cameras known as the lipstick cameras to record everything officer sees a deals with during his or her chef. some say this technology offers unprecedented accountability on the part of police by making sure everything they do it reported. this also has privacy advocates raising concerns that she's endured a bit more. for every officer in laurel maryland police department the day starts at hand and right here. we each grabbed the camera. and as you can see. kirkuk on this on my glasses or headband what is to pronounce that way. it's commonly referred to as the mainstay camera with its
tt paul cave administrative buildings is preventing of the approved the twenty fourteen budgetack of an impact on state salaries and so father was the son of the rallies a plaything thousands of pro government has descended on the capital and towns across the east of the country's roads make their voices said. but recent polls suggest ukraine a shop the divided on the ship eu integration. as i'm still in use will more than seventy percent of people in the west to the country favourite regular viewer the figure drops t below thirty percent in the east. otrselie but if i happened those in the east would be likely to support the government. i think. if there is true eu neo aren't devotion. they would be up through customs union production comfortable so it would be the puffed with the civil war. because let's face it. ina with the industrial base in the east. they know that if they joined the eu package they would of course they will never join the eu itself they would lose of customs religious and russia and their industrial goods which are still being exposed the corruption in inc
as paul scott is following developments in kiev. this is the ambiguity i did the exact biggest heavyweight boxing go well and good vitali klitschko taking to the stage behind me watching the protests on the protest is to remain peaceful or symbols haney a slate of giving the government and holds the rights of up to say despite its high schools but we controlled the saving the lost men. our induction into the clouds that buckled down stocks to monument so that didn't cost much to do with it so late august elsewhere today there are a number of t bone steak outlined by the opposition as taught so that both relate to these include the words essay should be released any protests is to be directed to the cost of these demonstrations on the goods the top down violently on the protesters last week and should be punished somehow though she demands include the art resignation of president nixon and undercut the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. on that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike on the continue to surround them to update the government sol
in straight sets to decompress is big with a top six in the nineteen seventies place muffin scotland's paul says in heels has since reached an agreement with the unite union involved in that this eve but thousand atms that wasn't a big time in his notes an independent inquiry into the union especially get off the scenes that would describe the content they think he liked to six and love style behavior when princess has gathered outside marriage is house is on the now infamous inflatable rafts. well the inquiry will say gangs needed to get the employee especially given the union unite to assist the inquiry has truly found was that this despite this the union bashing where they are always late for one price is trading in the dead ball trying to find out what he feels about who summaries of chief executives and managers who go around the place we can on some of them. go to church and something inside of a police team that finished inequality. science and of government. second both his bike in the musical freedom of belief of what to do carlton. i'm sentimental reasons the media the government
of government buildings. and paul shaw read on the balcony to check into it gets six years in jail. ordering the acid attack in which the artistic director was always going to. to ukraine where the prime minister says he's ready for donald for apologizing to the use of police force against protest is this a day of the saying their actions sparked by the president by tracking on a trade deal with the eu amounted to pick it up added the opposition sought to force the resignation of the government with a no confidence votes but failed to show bones silk reports. i signed the parliament building prisons of protesters demanding the government's resignation just a fraction of the hundreds of cousins encountered over the last weeks. inside parliament the opposition didn't have the support he needed hundred and eighty six entries posted in favor of the no confidence motion. well short of the two hundred and twenty six required for it to pounce. or that those opposition and peace islam to answer that for being too cool to mild go it speaks to me she would take maybe any justice. any she'll get it. th
the world stops me from the moment it has been an incredible outpouring of paul's think it's marc perlman is covering africa summit that is taking place. marc. you've covered many summit before. you really get a sense that this one is different in that regard. they instantly became a difference. overnight then kaylee. maybe but so has been hanging over this the summit which was supposed to discuss very concrete the issues like you know peace and security peace. you know in development and peace and climate change. however now it'll change though because suddenly you had to have the head of the year ahead of the south african delegation make a speech in which the mysticism of the head of the african union peace commission. and so clearly this was the surprise since some delegates were telling him the core doors that a new way. the death of mandela pushed aside many of the debates that were supposed to take place here honestly no one was complaining about that and everyone what was sad but simply the french did not expect this to happen the defense doesn't pay tribute to mandela of the flat
and the spirit behind this activity in taiwan. it started roughly i would say baby. paul glover twelve years ago when i was still in college and how well as a college freshman. there was this club and it's very early in figures and tied up national taiwan university called the model un club at that time were the only club of that nature in taiwan japan every year. we would have would attend the world model un conferences around the world. with represents different countries like the real united nations and debates and discusses national issues and in that spirit you would be promoting analytical thinking and i care and awareness towards international issues. so during my first term college we went to brazil we were presented at time represented taiwan. to brazil the second year we went to germany and my third year we went to egypt. and as a whole delegation on average a school of about twenty people at that time were the only school glee club coming from taiwan. so we started from that and all the time we left college. this organization serve to spread the cost at wanderers. more new club sprout
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)